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Here you can find all recipes for our delicious dishes of the Allround Service Team. Let your taste buds go on a culinary journey with us.

Upside-down bowl (Bol Déviré)

This dish is a Chinese-Mauritian fusion and is very popular amongst Mauritian households. It typically consists of a filling of chicken or pork cooked in a wok with oyster/soya sauce and some veggies at the bottom of a bowl. It is then topped with fluffy basmati rice patted down which is turned out onto a plate. The domed shaped dish is then garnished with a fried egg on top and some chopped coriander.

My Mauritian grandma used to make this quite frequently on a Sunday afternoon and it was always fun to watch her make it.

There are various different ways Mauritians cook this dish, but I’ve shared an adaption of my grandma’s recipe. I hope you enjoy!

Tunisian Tagine with Cheese and Chicken

Back home, Sunday was always “Couscous Day with Tagine” for us. As children we’d always be helping Mama to prepare the food – peeling and chopping the vegetables and such. And you can be sure that we’d always try and pinch some of the fried diced potato … however loud Mama’s indignant protests, it was simply to delicious to resist! I often find myself thinking back on those days, and it’s always with a smile.

Seed Crackers

Seed crackers are a tasty, healthy snack and are made using a great variety of seed types. What’s more, the chickpea flour version doesn’t even have any carbs! They are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine or beer and taste great with salad, cream cheese, guacamole or pesto, or can simply be polished off on their own.

Black-Eyed Beans with Gari and Plantains

Fufu is without a doubt the dish that is most typical of West Africa. Fufu is a mash made from warm water and cassava flour that can be served with a variety of sauces. But believe me, mashing fufu to make it nice and smooth and getting just the right balance between water and cassava flour can be hard work without a bit of know-how. I’ve therefore decided to show you a different, but equally delicious dish instead – beans and gari with ripened plantain.

Munich White Sausage

And what is the basis of the old saying: “White sausage must never hear the chimes of the midday bells”? Well, back in the days before refrigeration, if the sausages were not pre-cooked, they would have to be eaten quickly otherwise they would spoil. Today, this rule is no longer applied quite so strictly. The important thing is to make sure you have some sweet mustard and pretzels to hand, and a beer is the perfect drink to accompany the meal.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas is just around the corner and for all of us who enjoy a sweet treat or two, Elisabeth Feulner has just the very thing for those grey, rainy days … streaming Christmas songs while baking yummy cookies. A sure way to get in the Christmas spirit, and you won’t be able to wait for the festive season by the time you’re cutting out these cookies.

Jiaozi – Chinese Dumplings

The New Year is just around the corner, so what better time for a very traditional Jiaozi recipe from our Austrian sisters, Qionglin and Yuru WU.

Jiaozi is a well-known dish throughout China. The recipe varies from one region to the next. There are also different folding techniques, and the filling can be prepared according to varying tastes … using vegetables or seafood, for example. The Jiaozi we are showing you here, are made using mixed minced meat, carrots and oxheart cabbage.

Austrian-style Apricot Dumplings

It is one of the traditional dishes to have its recipe kept in a safe in the Austrian National Library in Vienna, so as to preserve it for posterity.

Ricotta Gnocchi

Ricotta gnocchi is not a recipe special to my family. Although the dish is eaten in almost all parts of Italy, it is frequently unknown to some people. To me, it recalls sweet memories of my childhood. It takes me back to my summer holidays at my grandparents’ in the mountains of Trentino, a place where I was simply just happy. A bit like Marcel Proust and his beloved Madeleine. These ricotta gnocchi awaken my mémoire involontaire.

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