Simultan or liaison


Our on-site managers at work – here the spoken word has the final say

Conference interpreting

This is known as simultaneous interpretation, meaning translation practically in real time. The use of interpreting technology is essential here. The interpreting takes place in the booth or by means of a wireless mobile tour guide system (chuchotage or whispered translation). This means the attendees are able to follow the event in their own language.

Video and telephone interpreting

Telephone conference streaming via Skype or WEBEX connects the interpreter with the attendees. Attendees can be patched in from anywhere in the world.

Liaison/ consecutive interpreting

The interpreters are personally present among what are usually smaller groups of attendees, interpreting section by section after the speaker. No technology is employed for interpreting.

Interpreting equipment

Interpreting booths or a tour-guide system. We can of course advise you in selecting the right technology, and will readily draw up a quotation with interpreting equipment included for you.

In-house organisation and on-site management

Leading up to the event, in partnership with you, we will plan and organise the deployment of the interpreting team. We will prepare a special tailored briefing for our team to familiarise them with your key messages, wording and your other specific requirements. We can also attend to travel arrangements if requested.

During the actual event we will ensure that the interpreting team is flawlessly deployed and act as the coordinating interface between client, technicians and interpreters. This also includes performing the test run (communication channel settings/relay function etc.) as well as continuously monitoring the interpreting operation.

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