Simultan or liaison


Our on-site mana­gers at work – here the spo­ken word has the final say

Con­fe­rence interpreting

This is known as simul­ta­ne­ous inter­pre­ta­ti­on, mea­ning trans­la­ti­on prac­ti­cal­ly in real time. The use of inter­pre­ting tech­no­lo­gy is essen­ti­al here. The inter­pre­ting takes place in the booth or by means of a wire­less mobi­le tour gui­de sys­tem (chu­cho­ta­ge or whis­pe­red trans­la­ti­on). This means the atten­de­es are able to fol­low the event in their own language.

Video and tele­pho­ne interpreting

Tele­pho­ne con­fe­rence strea­ming via Sky­pe or WEBEX con­nects the inter­pre­ter with the atten­de­es. Atten­de­es can be patched in from any­whe­re in the world.

Liaison/ con­se­cu­ti­ve interpreting

The inter­pre­ters are per­so­nal­ly pre­sent among what are usual­ly smal­ler groups of atten­de­es, inter­pre­ting sec­tion by sec­tion after the spea­ker. No tech­no­lo­gy is employ­ed for interpreting.

Inter­pre­ting equipment

Inter­pre­ting booths or a tour-gui­de sys­tem. We can of cour­se advi­se you in selec­ting the right tech­no­lo­gy, and will rea­di­ly draw up a quo­ta­ti­on with inter­pre­ting equip­ment inclu­ded for you.

In-house orga­ni­sa­ti­on and on-site management

Lea­ding up to the event, in part­ners­hip with you, we will plan and orga­ni­se the deploy­ment of the inter­pre­ting team. We will pre­pa­re a spe­cial tailo­red brie­fing for our team to fami­lia­ri­se them with your key messages, wor­d­ing and your other spe­ci­fic requi­re­ments. We can also attend to tra­vel arran­ge­ments if requested.

During the actu­al event we will ensu­re that the inter­pre­ting team is flaw­less­ly deploy­ed and act as the coor­di­na­ting inter­face bet­ween cli­ent, tech­ni­ci­ans and inter­pre­ters. This also inclu­des per­forming the test run (com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on chan­nel settings/relay func­tion etc.) as well as con­ti­nuous­ly moni­to­ring the inter­pre­ting operation.

You won’t have to worry about a thing.

If you have any ques­ti­ons sim­ply ask. We look for­ward to recei­ving your order.

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