Your choice of words – you choose the level

Language is a living thing, technology develops at a rapid pace, and the demands made on you are growing steadily. And we are keeping pace:

Including the way our project teams and translators make efficient use of the benefits offered by CAT tools (such as XTM). This means we can deliver fast and cost-efficient content-confirming translations for all the usual specialist areas … all with an unstinting focus on your specific requirements and your specific corporate language.

Our adaptative terminology management also offers you direct, customer-specific access to process and maintain term lists across all your projects, and to export/import your specialist terminology.

You can choose between a range of translation levels depending on your timeframe, budget and/or quality standards.

MT with post-editing

Before our editorial team get working on post-processing your documents, the translation is created in the cloud using AI, so this option is not suitable for sensitive and semantically challenging texts or restricted documents. MTPE works particularly well with large volume texts where the focus is on understanding the document content.


A simple translation level designed for your internal use and for quickly conveying content, or if you plan to perform your own post-editing. The work is performed by a single translator and a spellcheck is performed.


This standard level satisfies the specifications of DIN EN 17100, meaning we are working according to the double verification principle in this case. The translator/editor team will incorporate your terminology specifications and general technical expressions, while leveraging pre-existing CAT texts from your customer profile and adapting the format.


The choice for challenging texts such as contracts and publications. A second editor produces an independently revised version of the translation prepared in accordance with DIN EN 17100, all the time paying attention to the cultural specifics of the source and target languages, adapting the wording where required and proposing alternatives if requested.

Video translation

You need a time-saving and cost-efficient  translation of video clips, without creating a transcript first? Our specialists can translate the sequences directly into your chosen foreign language – including with time code markings or in subtitle form, if requested.

Certifications and appostilles

You need a certified translation or apostille to submit to a public authority? We can help you, and manage all the paperwork needed when attending courts.

CAT tools

XTM International Ltd. has been our primary, reliable partner for ten years now.

The XTM tool allows us to organise workflows seamlessly and efficiently. This enables us to guarantee consistency of terminology and proper alignment with your corporate language. Our teams achieve this by applying customer-specific corporate and technical glossaries, and leveraging translations already integrated into your translation memory, to produce translations that linguistically align with previous texts. We can also use and integrate other CAT tools (such as SDL Trados, Across) on request.

We will help you find the one that is right for you.