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Service is at our core. We know that complex projects undergo continuous changes, which is why your designated contact person will dedicate their time to your concerns and needs. We always want to hear your feedback. Your requests and wishes will flow into how we perform the job. In this way, we ensure our clients’ instructions are implemented in a specially tailored and effective manner. Our work is totally focussed on your success.


The clear documentation of project phases means never losing sight of the overall picture and maintaining a firm grip on costs. Internally, we keep track of all phases of the project from issuing the quotation through planning to completing the job. And even if, several months later, you need information about any phase of your project or wish to define the procedure for a repeat job, we will willingly provide you with this information.


We promise to use our environmental resources in a responsible manner. In our work on processing your documents and personal data, we strictly adhere to the applicable security regulations. Apart from the GDPR, we also comply with the compliance and anti-corruption guidelines as a matter of course. And last but not least, we undertake to ensure the welfare of our team and freelance employees.


Depending on the business area, a whole host of service providers may be brought in for the job in question. We work with medium-sized companies, event agencies, universities, research institutes and technology enterprises, applying precisely the same principle that we use with global corporate groups: What counts is achieving the best result for the customer. And we stay true to that aim, even when working in partnership with other service providers.


After completing her studies in 1981 at the Oxford Institute, London and the Sprachen‐und Dolmetscherinstitut (SDI), Munich, Monica Nadal, aided by her family, plunged with dedication and passion into the work of being an interpreter and translator.

The company logo for her one-woman company already existed back then: A former classmate sketched a piece of inked calligraphy on paper for her. And the numbers of clients and contracts rose swiftly. Large companies requested the translation of entire document inventories. The one-woman company needed support, the first employee was recruited and a network of carefully selected freelancers was established.

Since that time, Allround Service has grown into a well-established medium-sized agency on the back of its first-class services.

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