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Cus­tomer satisfaction

Ser­vice is at our core. We know that com­plex pro­jects un­dergo con­ti­nuous ch­anges, which is why your de­si­gnated contact person will de­di­cate their time to your con­cerns and needs. We always want to hear your feed­back. Your re­quests and wishes will flow into how we per­form the job. In this way, we ensure our cli­ents’ in­s­truc­tions are im­ple­mented in a spe­ci­ally tail­ored and ef­fec­tive manner. Our work is to­tally fo­cussed on your success.


The clear do­cu­men­ta­tion of pro­ject phases means never losing sight of the overall pic­ture and main­tai­ning a firm grip on costs. In­tern­ally, we keep track of all phases of the pro­ject from is­suing the quo­ta­tion th­rough plan­ning to com­ple­ting the job. And even if, se­veral months later, you need in­for­ma­tion about any phase of your pro­ject or wish to define the pro­ce­dure for a repeat job, we will wil­lingly pro­vide you with this information.


We pro­mise to use our en­vi­ron­mental re­sources in a re­spon­sible manner. In our work on pro­ces­sing your do­cu­ments and per­sonal data, we strictly adhere to the ap­pli­cable se­cu­rity re­gu­la­tions. Apart from the GDPR, we also comply with the com­pli­ance and anti-cor­rup­tion gui­de­lines as a matter of course. And last but not least, we un­der­take to ensure the wel­fare of our team and free­lance employees.


De­pen­ding on the busi­ness area, a whole host of ser­vice pro­vi­ders may be brought in for the job in ques­tion. We work with medium-sized com­pa­nies, event agen­cies, uni­ver­si­ties, re­se­arch in­sti­tutes and tech­no­logy en­ter­prises, ap­p­lying pre­cisely the same prin­ciple that we use with global cor­po­rate groups: What counts is achie­ving the best result for the cus­tomer. And we stay true to that aim, even when working in part­ner­ship with other ser­vice providers.


After com­ple­ting her stu­dies in 1981 at the Oxford In­sti­tute, London and the Sprachen-und Dol­met­scher­institut (SDI), Munich, Monica Nadal, aided by her family, plunged with de­di­ca­tion and pas­sion into the work of being an in­ter­preter and translator.

The com­pany logo for her one-woman com­pany al­ready existed back then: A former class­mate sket­ched a piece of inked cal­li­graphy on paper for her. And the num­bers of cli­ents and con­tracts rose swiftly. Large com­pa­nies re­quested the trans­la­tion of entire do­cu­ment in­vent­ories. The one-woman com­pany needed sup­port, the first em­ployee was re­cruited and a net­work of carefully sel­ected free­lan­cers was established.

Since that time, All­round Ser­vice has grown into a well-es­tab­lished medium-sized agency on the back of its first-class services.

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