The world is going around

It is cer­tain that none of us ex­pected global po­li­tical events to take the course we are now ex­pe­ri­en­cing. We all hope that the si­tua­tion im­proves quickly, and that it can be re­solved for the good of ever­yone: while there may be a sup­posed “victor” in war, in rea­lity it exacts a huge toll on all sides.

Like so many of you, we too, are making do­na­tions to try and alle­viate the suf­fe­ring of those in urgent need of help.

Ho­wever, life must go on in some nor­ma­lised form, and we have ad­justed our ser­vice charges to help it do so. The be­ne­fits for you: we have made some lan­guage ser­vices (e.g. Chi­nese, Polish and Por­tu­guese) even more cost-ef­fec­tive as our way of fle­xibly re­spon­ding to the needs of the market and our cus­to­mers. Like to know more? Then simply re­quest our up­dated Ra­te­Card today.

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