In­ter­na­tional Mother Lan­guage Day – we sup­port it!

Lan­guage is com­mu­ni­ca­tion and our job.

We do not offer many mi­no­rity lan­guages be­cause there are often too few trans­la­tors and even fewer con­fe­rence in­ter­pre­ters for them. In the native lan­guage, we can often ex­press fee­lings in a more dif­fe­ren­tiated and per­haps also more honest way. It is simply more authentic.

That is why UNESCO has pro­claimed the In­ter­na­tional Mother Lan­guage Day. So that small lan­guages are pre­served and will sur­vive. And only if these lan­guages are al­lowed and ac­cepted will young people be in­te­rested in stu­dying interpreting/translation.

For ex­ample, Creole: As I know from my hus­band, in his youth the use of Creole in Mau­ri­tius was “frowned upon” in some sec­tions of the po­pu­la­tion. Today there are even in­ter­pre­ters for it.

Best re­gards,

Monica Nadal

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