At last, it’s summer …

… and we have num­e­rous cus­tomer as­sign­ments sche­duled, in­clu­ding far beyond Munich. And we want to thank everyone!

After Milan, apart from London we also have Warsaw and Du­brovnik noted in our dia­ries. Where are your tra­vels taking you?

Our ex­pe­ri­ence means we are able to pro­vide sup­port before and during events, by working clo­sely with you and your other ser­vice pro­vi­ders. It is cru­cial to us that all of your in­te­rests are taken into ac­count and your every re­qui­re­ment rea­lised. Our road-tested teams and net­works are con­stantly at work, al­lo­wing you to relax and attend to your global guestlist.

We are de­lighted to sup­port other events, both large and small, and to assist your in­ter­na­tional guests.

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