Mul­ti­l­in­gual & Ac­ces­sible to All

Lan­guage con­nects. For­eign lan­guages can be in­ter­preted – but what about those people with hea­ring difficulties?

This is a pro­blem for which our RSI partner has re­cently found a great so­lu­tion. And we can’t wait to tell people about it.

Along­side our pro­fes­sional in­ter­pre­ting ser­vice, we can now also dis­play live cap­tions (sub-titles) in the lan­guage of the event. Now, mem­bers of the au­di­ence can follow the event in dis­played word form.

Deaf par­ti­ci­pants have full ac­ces­si­bi­lity to your event … and it also en­sures that if there is a weak audio link or loud back­ground noise, your mes­sage won’t get lost.

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