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Transposing text written in one language into another one – there are three versions available to you here

Core / machine translation

The text is intended purely for comprehension before undergoing further processing, or as the basis for internal documents. With the Core translation service, there is no secondary revision as is usually performed by a second translator. Translation tools create a machine-based translation stored in the cloud. In the post-editing step, an editor resolves errors in the grammar, orthography and syntax.

Expert translation

This is the most frequently selected mode. It fulfils the criteria of the double verification (cross-checking) principle as defined in DIN EN 17100. Usually a native-speaking specialist translator will create the initial translation. Then the initial draft is revised, augmented and corrected by the editor. This version is suited to all business areas.

Premium translation

In addition to the Expert version, a second linguist reviews the translated text. He or she will integrate cultural specifics and alternative wordings into the text. Formats will be aligned. This version is particularly recommended for demanding texts such as publications or contracts.

Certifications and apostilles

Need an apostille or certified translation for your documents? Our apostille and certification service can see to your needs promptly.


This is purely an examination of the orthography, grammar and syntax of the text. It is particularly suited to publications, or for reviewing texts that you have already prepared.


The editing stage follows the proofreading. At this point the text is localised within a particular linguistic culture, and idioms recommended. This version of document review is highly recommended for a particularly discerning readership.

Transcreation and adaptation

Do you want your marketing messages addressed precisely to your chosen target group? The foreign language text will be prepared with the appropriate inclusion of cultural and promotional nuances in accordance with your instructions and taking account of the specific requirements. A series of feedback loops is established to allow adjustments until the final marketing text is produced. If you have marketing materials that are already drafted in the foreign language, we can also create an adaptation loop arrangement to make sure you are provided with perfect, linguistic materials designed for the target market.

Translation tools

In this area we employ state-of-the-art computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, such as XTM Server and SDL Trados software.

Our translators are thus equipped with online specialist dictionaries and specially created and maintained company glossaries. The machine translation service is seamlessly transferred via the CAT software to the editor. Whatever the length of the source text, the integrated project assistants mean that we are always aware of the exact editing status.

These software packages also regularly offer our translators webinars for specialist continuous training.

We will help you find the right one.

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