Your recordings – your chosen format

“Anything not written down is doomed to be forgotten”

So you need someone who can digitalize and transcribe your video and audio recordings, or hand-written documents? We have a variety of options to help you document interviews, presentations, the minutes of meetings, as well as expert reports and scientific research papers.


The best option for producing a quick written summary of an interview or presentation, and to use the text as the basis for subsequent in-house editing. No specific format adaptations take place here.


Your style sheets and format guides are also reflected here. Individual interviewed speakers are distinguished from one another using letters or names. Unintelligible passages are listened to up to three times, labelled and the track running time specified if necessary.


The digital documentation of specialist subject areas is performed according to your specific transcription guidelines. Smoothing the text for enhanced legibility, adapting the format and inserting time codes for unintelligible passages (incl. a phonetic  rendering) ensures a superlative level of quality.


The documentation of video recordings in written form with the inclusion of time codes is essential for creating and translating subtitles, but also for producing voice-over recordings in additional languages.

We’ll gladly advise you on the best options for you.

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