Excellence in Global Communication

Our Philosophy

is the cornerstone for the success of your projects!

It goes without saying that we only ever use qualified interpreters, translators and transcribers. The “native tongue” principle is, of course, comprehensively observed. Absolute compliance with agreed delivery dates is essential for us. These are our fundamentals! Added to that, we have established an efficient quality management system that you can count on.

can only be achieved through an effective, comprehensive and flexible service!

It’s not just complex projects that are subject to continual changes, which demand the rapid implementation of your specifications and require solutions specifically tailored to you. The project coordinators assigned to your organisation will provide you with continuous support and advice from the time we issue our quotation to the completion of the project, and they are always eager to hear your feedback. We work with the utmost dedication for the success of your projects, whatever the language.

is assured through our project and budgetary management methods!

Detailed and verifiable cost breakdowns across all phases of the project. We consistently document the entire project flow to provide you with the necessary information even months later, or whenever you commission follow-up jobs. This saves time and reduces costs.

are the alpha and omega for good corporate governance!

Our documented guidelines commit us to the principle of sustainability by implementing resource-saving working methods and they shape our coexistence with society. When it comes to processing documents and personal data, we strictly adhere to the GDPR, and our state-of-the-art measures ensure the security of our IT.


After completing her studies in 1981 at the Oxford Institute, London and the Sprachen‐und Dolmetscherinstitut (SDI) in Munich, Monica Nadal plunged with dedication and passion into the interpreting and translation profession. Alongside raising her young family, she built Allround Service into an established, medium-sized translation and interpreting agency.

The logo for her one-woman firm was created at the very outset when a former classmate sketched a piece of calligraphy in ink for her. And the numbers of clients and contracts grew swiftly. Large companies requested the translation of entire document inventories. Now that things had grown beyond what one person alone could handle, the first staff were recruited and a complete network of qualified freelancers established.

And since that time our clientele has ranged from medium-sized companies, event agencies, universities, research institutes and technology enterprises, and we work by applying precisely the same fundamental methods we use with global corporate groups – it’s all down to customer satisfaction!