Our Contribution – Your Solution: Simultaneous Interpreting

There is light gradually appearing through the cloud cast by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, many of us are now again looking with cautious optimism towards the future. Here at Allround Service, we have made good use of our time to fine-tune our VIRTUAL SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING concept, and we’ve already had some initial, extremely positive experiences with it.

In the last few days, our professional team of interpreters, all working from home via an online platform, provided a dual-language service for a Group Works Council meeting.  The event involved 10 participants from all over Europe and our language experts interpreted all their contributions and points raised for discussion. The participants, who were also attending from a number of different locations, were able to follow all the verbal addresses, share presentations and engage in a live discussion.

The project saw us make an important contribution to reducing emissions, save our client significant travel and equipment installation costs, and enable the participants to enjoy a relaxed meeting without all the usual tiresome travelling. Of course, it goes without saying that all security standards were rigorously upheld.

And the feedback has been extremely positive. All the participants declared themselves so satisfied with the meeting, that they would be happy if future ones are hosted in the same format!

Is this something that could work for you? We’d be happy to show you the Allround Service Virtual Interpreting concept. Or do you any questions you’d like to ask? If so, simply get in touch and let’s see if our concept can help you, too.

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