Your event – you choose the setup

Our flexibility allows us to adapt to the existing framework conditions, budgetary stipulations and to meet any requirements that emerge at short notice – regardless if the support you need is for large-sized conferences, press and sales events, AGMs or confidential meetings of corporate committees, or for smaller events such as negotiations, training sessions and factory tours.

Conference interpreting

The interpreting process is conducted simultaneously from the source language to the audience’s language(s) by an experienced team of interpreters, regardless of the chosen format (virtual, hybrid or on-site).

Voice over

Conference interpreters translate video/interview clip content to the target language(s) in a culturally-appropriate manner, and the output is recorded on a separate audio track.

Liaison (consecutive) interpreting

Consecutive interpreting lends itself to small-scale meetings with just one pair of languages. The team of interpreters is physically onsite with the attendees, and it translates the spoken content paragraph by paragraph into the selected language, alternating with the speaker.

Video and telephone interpreting

International and cross-lingual meetings or telephone calls are easily handled by interpreters using video/telephone dial-in (with MS Teams, for example) anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions simply ask, and we look forward to receiving your job request.