All beginnings are difficult

… and the start to the 2020s has been no different! Reports of one crisis were quickly followed by the next. But regardless of the many challenges, we are looking forward.

COVID-19 forced many companies, us included, to find new ways of doing things. The viral wave has been accompanied by a wave of digitalisation. Here at Allround Service, we want to ensure our customers can still use our services, and so we’ve used the time well and expanded our portfolio.

International meetings in an era of contact restrictions and distancing rules? It’s not just international bodies and political organisations that have shown how it can be done. Since April, Allround Service has been facilitating virtual events with interpreting services within large and smaller settings – including with partial physical attendance.

Participants can join in the discussion and follow presentations, all in their own language. Just like before – except virtual! Based in their own homes, our team of interpreters use sophisticated technical equipment that enables them to work in the background.

Remote interpreting is not only the perfect solution for your international online meeting, it also helps protect the environment and reduces travel costs.

The positive feedback from our own clients and our own experiences tell us one thing – this is the future.

As we look forward, we welcome our new colleague and intern María Peñasco from Madrid. We are looking forward to supporting María as she embarks on her career, and we hope we can show her many things and learn a great deal from her too – so it’s full steam ahead into the future!