Let the Journey Begin!

Autumn Blues and Corona Blues, too?

How to beat them? Well  … we think cooking can help, so why not join us on a culinary voyage with recipes from far and near?

At the start of every autumn, our vibrantly diverse team always meet for an informal get-together at the home of Monica & Lewis Nadal. And everyone brings a typical local dish or a speciality from the home country of their partner. Sadly, the COVID regulations mean we’ve had to cancel this year’s gathering … like you’ve had to do with your own plans, perhaps.

So instead, let us invite you now to join us on a food-filled journey, where, every week, our project coordinators will be revealing their personal favourite recipe. Discover your own favourites on our cooking tour – we’d love to hear what you think and, of course, check out your recipes too. Our colleagues – who also translate the menus and recipes for the sumptuous dishes served up by a company cafeteria in Munich – will ensure everything is perfectly linguistically flavoured.

Get ready for a surprise, and get cooking too!

We’ll kick off this coming Wednesday with a dish from Mauritius!

See you next week!

Your Allround Service Team

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